Tent Rental: 2 – 3 hour Event

Friday Night or Weekday Morning Events such as Family Dinner, Bris, Hanachat Tfilin Breakfast, Bar Mitzvah

Members: $180 Non-Members: $250

$50 clean up fee

Tent Rental:  4-8 hour Event

Evening Event such as Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Members: $250 plus Non-Members: $400

Plus $50 clean up fee

All Friday Night Events require a Mashgiach

Any event using the kitchen requires a Mashgiach 

Shabbat Day Kiddush

All paper goods, tablecloths and decorations must be provided by host

Wait staff needs to be provided by host if there if more than 50 people will be attending the Kiddush.

Members: Free Non-Members: $100

plus $50 clean up fee

All food brought in must be sealed with acceptable Kosher Certification. Please confirm choice of catering with the office before placing your order.

Only Water, Seltzer and Juices are allowed at Shabbes Kiddushim. No Soda 

No home made foods (including cut fruits and vegetables) are allowed to be brought in to the facility)

Paper goods, Tablecloths, Serving Dishes and Utensil are the hosts responsibility.


Included in the rental: 9 round table, 12 long tables, 40 grey folding chairs, 10 black folding chairs and 3 long benches. Please call office for specific setup for your event. If more tables or chairs are needed they can be rented from Perfect Party Rental, Robin Hood Party Rental or any other Rental company. 

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